Digital Marketing trends nowadays are changing as per the developments in internet technologies. In 2019, the below-mentioned five digital marketing (DM) trends are proven in the real world. The smart customers or people drive this with internet-enabled devices. The way a customer is a king in marketing, the smart customer is king in online marketing. Today, webmasters and SEO (search engine optimization) service providers are concentrating these online strategies for e-commerce channels and other websites.

1 – Artificial Intelligence

By the name Artificial Intelligence (AI), this is not related to any law agency. It is machine intelligence. The web has incredible data. These data can be intercepted, sorted and used for various purposes related to online business. Today every business is using data science. The cloud platform has even enabled everyone to make use of web technology and take advantage of it at a cheaper cost. AI is the present trend in acquiring new customers and converting them as sales online.

2 – Chatbots

As we said, smart customers are the king online. They need Smarter Chat like the Chatbots to convert them as sales or customers. This is a timely and cost-effective customer service (CS) in digital marketing. The chatbots are doing CS without an original customer service representative. They are robots, which can answer customer quarries exactly. No one can find them as robots. The chatbots have taken CS in the DM trends 2019 at the rate of 35% globally. Within a few years, the chatbots are going to take over the SC works for online channels.

3 – Video Marketing

The smart customers prefer advertisement videos than looking on to infographics and image adds. They do like live streaming of product launch. They prefer viewing customer-buying experience through video. This has enabled many online channels to bring better business as they focus on their products through video marketing.

4 – Voice Search

Today, people use the latest in Smartphone and the internet of things. They are smart enough to search through Smart Speakers. Today the webmasters or digital marketing service provider relays on voice search seo. This trend is happening in first world countries. The developing nations also use voice search in the major cities.

5 – Virtual Reality Marketing

The smart customers now shop smartly by matching their products with heir body size virtually. For example, they select a sunglass by adding them to their original photos through the virtual reality app. The same way they are able to fit virtually their attire, footwear, and fashion accessories. All these things they do before shopping and decide to buy in such a way that they do not return that product. Therefore, virtual reality marketing is a trendsetter in 2019.

As the internet technologies develop, it is accepted globally and they make a revolution. Apart from organic searches, the voice search is gaining popularity now. It is advisable to check the Digital Marketing trends now a day’s online. At first, it influences mobility customers than the other internet-enabled gadget users.