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How effective is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

In today’s world, where the competition is huge and sturdy, it is important for the website owners to sustain the competition and rank top by using various techniques and tools. Search Engine Optimization makes a strategic difference in getting the right traffic to your website and converting them into potential customers.

For instance, it is estimated that around

  • 65% people search for a product online before purchasing it
  • 76% people do not bother to visit the second page on search engines
  • 92.4% people use the Google search engine

So, it is essential to best optimize the website and make efforts to rank high.

Why should you choose DigitalZona?

In this digital era, where a new strategy pops out every other minute, sticking to the old school methods might not help in driving the traffic rapidly. On top of that, there are countless websites out there which are trying to meet the requirements of the users. So, it is high time you bid goodbye to the SEO tools and techniques you once used.

Our talented professionals at DigitalZona use the contemporary tools and effective techniques that best fit the progressing market and aid in boosting up your website rank. Right from the basic elements such as gathering your requirements to building the website that resonates with your ideas, our experts do it all. By including the right content and using the relevant images, we help in escalating your website rank.

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A gist of a few SEO services we follow


This is one of the most effective strategies. It encourages other websites to establish a link to yours. This method helps in showing the authenticity of your website and has a greater impact in driving the traffic to your site.


Keyword Research is the core SEO service that helps in identifying the most popular words and phrases that the audience use while searching for particular information.  We help in finding out the keywords that have high density.


Known as one of the major elements, Competitive Analysis makes a strategic difference in getting traffic more than your competitor does. We help in analyzing your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and use them in building up your site.


We take all the required measures to optimize your website and make it more authentic. We optimize the entire content on the page as well as the HTML code that is behind it, and draw relevant traffic to your website.

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