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Pay per click has catalysed the way results are driven through paid marketing services that utilizes targeted campaigns to reach the right audience and bring quality traffic to your website. This technique is managed by all the major search engines with their bidding system in place to invite sponsored listings where you can promote your ad to drive more traffic towards your website. With right choice of keywords and an intact campaign, you can rank higher than your competitors to grab more traffic and possible conversions.

Benefits of Pay Per Click Services

Instant traffic                   Pay for what you get                 Quick & result driven                 Trackable

Pay-Per-Click Services from DigitalZona:

PPC Audits: Our PPC audit service starts with digging your PPC account to discover specific areas which needs structuring and sound campaign implementations.

Social Advertising: We help you run paid campaigns across social media to drive targeted traffic towards more focused action on your website. 

Google Adwords: We make sure to deploy a highly experienced Adword expert to sit and design catalysing strategies for your Adword campaigns. 

Bing Advertising: Our in-house team has enough skills and expertise to perform across Bing’s popular PPC platforms.

Display Advertising: Display ads designed by us will be targeted only to the prospective audience to derive positive outcomes in lesser time frame.

Remarketing & Retargeting: We initiate marketing activities across audience who have already shown interest for increased ROI and conversions.    

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How DigitalZona is Different from others?

As your dedicated provider for PPC services, we go deep in understanding your requirements and connect with you differently to build a pristine foundation. 

Smooth communication

We build strong relationship with our clients by communicating smoothly to understand and deliver the results as expected.

Expert Project Lead

We deploy expert project manager to lead your project with full understanding of the subject while providing a personal touch and better coordination during entire delivery phase.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our customer support team always puts you as first priory and available to answer you anytime of the day with full enthusiasm.

Performance Updates

Receive daily, weekly, or monthly updates to track the performance of your website and get to know what is planned for the coming days.